About OOR Studio

OOR Studio is a Berlin-based creative collective and platform that aims to challenge traditional design standards. Over a range of diverse projects, it brings together creatives from multiple disciplines which at first glance may not seem to go together. Through new ways of thinking, new standards, lifestyles and opinions, we have been able to create a new powerhouse of creativity. OOR Studio is based on an open-minded approach that evolves from various cultural areas and input without any limitations. It is a collective spirit based on freedom of creativity. OOR Studio is based on culturally open-minded ideas that evolve from various cultural areas and inputs, without any limitation. We embody a collective spirit based on creative freedom and support a multitude of well-versed talents, extending a platform to express themselves both independently and as a whole, with strong backing from industry experts. Through our close interactions with key figures & opinion leaders in the Fashion and Luxury industries, we have a thematically broad knowledge of trends and market developments. We also work intimately with relevant partners from the art and cultural scene, linking zeitgeist and style. OOR Studio defines the intersection between high fashion, culture and luxury.
BERLIN Our studio location: the city of newfound freedom, over and over again, unchained creativity, the new and the old striding and stronger together. Known for its art, its film, its literature, its club culture: the pulse beats on, attracting a number of diverse characters which make up the international team at OOR Studio. Each drawn to the German capital by their own unique story.
RESISTANCE We question what is normal in society. We choose to use our platform to fight against the hypercommercialisation of fast fashion, the inflation of art and the cheapening of culture. We believe that it is essential to disturb viewing and consuming habits, to develop and to challenge them in order to push beyond boundaries and evolve.
MUT Being brave is a key component in the ability to take risks. Being brave equates to confidence in the work we create, the ideas we generate and the ability to back them up without hesitation.
DESIRE We strive to live in a world of free love, care, sexuality and desire. We are inspired by the freedom found in our unique definitions of sexuality, vocalizing our personal desires to spur understanding, conversation and acceptance, regardless of the sex we have or whom we love.
FREIHEIT We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of creativity and the freedom to love how each individual wishes without harming or diminishing anyone around them.
With titles such as Numéro Berlin, Numéro Homme Berlin, Fräulein, and Intersection, our publishing house Off One’s Rocker Publishing stands for attitude, taste and is known for innovative magazine design. With close co-operation with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Mercedes-Benz, Chanel and many more we are able to offer our clients a creative service at the highest international level. Expressive, unexpected aesthetics and agile, strong strategies define our work.
NEU OOR Studio is constantly seeking and discovering contemporary ways to create the best approaches for each unique project. We challenge ourselves, we question each other, we push our collaborators to look to the past to further push forward into the future.
FANTASY The power of imagination can be made tangible for those that choose to make it happen. OOR Studio believes that turning fantasy into reality is a noble endeavor. This is rooted in our personal manifestos, both inside the office and out.
ECSTASY Ecstasy keeps us going. We seek the sublime. OOR Studio creates dialogues that drive those around us to think beyond how they normally would, to give them the space for open dialogue without judgement. We encourage and tinder ideas that ignite exciting conversations of excitement and cherish ideas of crazy proportions.
FIGHT OOR Studio makes it a mission to fight for creative freedom. We refuse to play it safe or take it easy. We seek, we demand and fight for what we want and believe in. First and foremost, we fight for each other.
REVOLUTION The revolution should never be over. How far can we go until we are satisfied? We hope we never are. We collaborate with unexpected clients, we work within industries that may not make sense. We do not like habit. We want to be questioned and challenged. Thus, our connections and our work exponentially grow. Our work is never done.