OOR Studio is a Berlin-based creative collective and platform that aims to challenge traditional design standards. Over a range of diverse projects, it brings together creatives from multiple disciplines which at first glance may not seem to go together. Through new ways of thinking, new standards, lifestyles and opinions, we have been able to create a new powerhouse of creativity. OOR Studio is based on an open-minded approach that evolves from various cultural areas and input without any limitations. It is a collective spirit based on freedom of creativity.
Fashion is the reflection of society and a non-verbal form of communication with one another, a direct expression of our innermost being. OOR Studio makes use of this means and reinterprets the interaction within communities, independently of what has been learned. OOR Studio‘s collection combines playful, almost childlike elements and the essence of personal stories in modern silhouettes, traditional yet contemporary. The brand aims to break with existing conventions and create space for a new, unbiased form of beauty and coolness, which is also an idea for redefining innovative, sustainable luxury. In the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, elements of different worlds collide, playful fantasy trips that swerve into different directions, a certain feeling of home through a connection to the base of OOR Studio, or a recurring element such as the panther that runs through various designs. The panther is of particular importance to Götz Offergeld as it has been his favorite animal since childhood; this symbol of power and strength is a befitting emblem for the brand. A colorful, flashy collection that is nevertheless restrained and yet always finds its way back to its origins in individual pieces, a reflection of the signature of the brand itself – an imaginative, joyful new purveyor of contemporary fashion.
Götz Offergeld has been an integral part of the international fashion industry for more than thirty years now. During this time, he has worked as a creative director for titles such as L’Officiel Hommes (Germany), as a freelance stylist and consultant for countless high fashion brands, right up to the founding of Fräulein Magazine, which can be seen as a continuation and further development of his first magazine, Liebling. His publishing house, Off One’s Rocker, publishes Numéro Berlin, Numéro Homme Berlin, Fräulein Magazine and Intersection Germany, for which he also acts as the creative director. In 2020, he complemented his wheelhouse with the founding of the in-house creative collective OOR Studio, producing digital campaigns for Gentle Monster, The Attico and Ann Demeulemeester, among others. The Milan-based magazine STUDIO XYZ was added to the roster in 2023. Art directed by Bureau Borsche, it aspires to provide a visual reflection of the “nuova Italia.” Though STUDIO XYZ may be their latest joint project, Götz Offergeld and Mirko Borsche began their collaboration years ago with the magazines Numéro Berlin and Numéro Homme Berlin. Like Götz Offergeld, Mirko Borsche has been a major player in the industry for decades and is considered one of the best art directors of our time. With his Munich-based Bureau Borsche, founded in 2007, he has had accounts such as Supreme and Balenciaga. The work of the two creatives, which began with magazines, stickers and merchandise, developed into a humorous self-perpetuating process, connected by a shared passion and vision to reconnect fun and fashion. This basis became the breeding ground for more and, ultimately, resulted in an apparel collection for the brand OOR Studio, whose essence lies in combining quality, memory and contemporary sensibility in a new coolness, removed from existing conventions. This approach also informs OOR Studio’s first collaboration with shoe icon Heinrich Dinkelacker, who has been combining tradition, craftsmanship and contemporary design since 1879. The joint shoe collection is intended to complement the entire OOR line, expanding the overall picture.